Wednesday, 19 May 2010

About Pioneer CDJ-200

Pioneer CDJ 200 is a famous hihg quality professional DJ CD/MP3 player. It's packed with features that will make any DJ drool! Open up a new remix world with the digital jog break function, complete with a large jog dial that you can operate in time with the music to create original sound effects. Pitch bend changes the music tempo depending on the speed and direction the jog dial is rotated. Frame search moves the pause position in frame units when the jog dial is rotated in pause mode. A high-precision slider allows for easy tempo adjustment. Master tempo control maintains the same sound pitch while changing the music's tempo. Cue functions let you control when the music starts and from what point. Realtime seamless looping simplifies the setting and canceling of loops. Slot loading makes quick disc changes a snap. Does not support VBR MP3s, which is a little disvantage, but other advantages makes this player one of the best.

One advantage is and a Control jack on the back of the player for connecting the player with other player ( for Sync music etc. ) or with mixer ( for BMP display, Crossfader etc. ). It has one RCA stereo output, one digital output and one 6.3 mm jack output for headphones with Volume Control.

On the Bright dot-matrix display with scrolling text you can see the name of the song/artist/album, current time, remaining time, BMP, tempo and functions that are ON.

You can even connect it with PC - you need to connect output of the player to input in your sound card and then you need to have Timecode track and then you burn this track on a CD and put into the player. You need to have a program that support this function ( for example: Virtual DJ ) and Asio driver and then you adjust the options of this program and this is it. You just put a music from computer in deck in program, but you can mix this music with your player.

The price of this player can be from 450 - 600 €, depemd on country, place and shop you buy it ( I buy it for about 530 € ). For someone, this is a high price, but I think that this player deserve this price.

I have and use this player ( unfortunately only one piece for now ) and I'm realy contented with this player. Sound quality is excellent and it has all functions I need and I recommend it to all DJ's and other people who want editing music, but with one player you can't make so good mixes as with two players + mixer.

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